I’m Paige. A 25 year old, first grade teacher who fills the day with teaching Reading, reminding kids to wash their hands, and juggling behavior management charts, all while attempting to be interesting to 6 and 7 year olds. Yes, it is a balancing act for sure. Which teaches me way more about life, and other families’ lives, than I ever thought I would know.

My husband, Brandon, and I met in March 2009 and have been glued together at the waist ever since. We own a farm and about 85 head of mama cows. Farming and ranching is in our blood, and once something’s in your blood you just don’t give it up. Like, ever. Brandon and I enjoy working together to take care of the crops and cows. Our favorite season is calving and harvest. Wonderful times around here during those seasons.

We have been on a mission to start our own herd since April 2015. Unsuccessful so far, but we forge on. My goal is to share the not-so wonderful world of infertility (unexplained to be exact) to others in hopes they will be calmed, informed, reassured and understood.