April 2015– Ditched the pill pack and got the party started

May 2015– Started Basal Body Temperature charting

August 2015– Luteal Phase bleeding started

November 2015– OB Consult about LP bleeding, followed by ultrasound and progesterone draw. Both results were normal.

December 2015– HSG and Semen Analysis completed. Both came back normal.

January 2016– Began taking progesterone after confirmed ovulation.

March 2016– Met with Reproductive Endocrinologist. Plan to do Clomid + Ovidrel + IUI and progesterone. Cycle canceled due to 3 large cysts. Put on birth control pills for a month.

April 2016– First medicated cycle with Clomid + Ovidrel + IUI and progesterone. My body did not respond to Clomid. Only 2 “lead follicles” on CD 12 at 10 mm and 12.5 mm respectively. Cancelled Ovidrel and IUI, only timed intercourse the rest of the cycle.

May 2016 US showed haemorrhagic cyst had developed. Cancelled Cycle. Pelvic MRI conducted to diagnose or rule out septate uterus.

June 2016- Septum discovered. Consultation June 22nd to discuss surgery. No treatment until after surgery. Surgery TBD, July 2016.