Well guys, it’s time to update you on the results of my MRI and what not.

I had the MRI done the last Friday in May and it went pretty smooth. I went in, checked in, laid on a machine for about 45 minutes while they took really loud pictures of my pelvic area. Kind of a weird feeling. I tried not to move at all, as it causes the images to get screwed up. So, I sat there and prayed and sang in my head for the entire time. I just kept repeating, “I am beautifully, wonderfully, and fearfully made.” I remembered that quote from the bible for some reason and it was incredibly comforting.

As I was repeating this to myself (and contemplating getting a tattoo of it) I thought hey, I’m not fearFULLY made, I’m fearLESSly made. Oh the things that come to you when you have to lay still for an hour and take pictures of your insides that scare the bajeezus out of you.


After the MRI was finished, they told me they would send me the report in the mail and gave me a CD of it. They also sent the same to my RE. This also happened to be Memorial Day weekend, so I knew it would be awhile until I got the results. I googled the crap out of normal uterus MRI images and septate uterus MRI images and kind of think I taught myself how to semi-read MRIs. At the advice of my dear friends though, I did not look at my own images. I didn’t want to freak myself out. So.. I waited, and waited for Dr. Yamakha to call me.

By Wednesday I was calling the office asking for him. I was told that he was not in that day and would have to call me back. Additionally, I was told that he could not discuss the results with me over the phone and I would need to schedule a consult with him. So, I called the office and they set up my consult, for JUNE 22nd! I was so frustrated! If I knew I would’ve needed a consult a month ago I could have booked it then instead of waiting until now, and then waiting another 3 weeks. But, alas, there isn’t anything I can do about that now.

I got my own report in the mail on Thursday and called my RE back to ask him some questions about it. He said he had also looked it over and that he didn’t “like how unclear the report was written and wanted his own radiologist to look at it.” He said he thought I would still need surgery and that we would need to discuss it on the 22nd at my consultation. I was so frustrated at this point.

This last Friday I took the MRI CD up to the RE’s office to have the radiologist read it and now I wait. I am not allowed to do a medicated cycle this month as well. So here I wait until the following happens:

June 22– Consultation about MRI results and surgery scheduling
Mid-July– Probably surgery
August– First FULL medicated IUI cycle

Although this is taking incredibly longer than expected I am trying to just roll with the punches and take each new bump along the road as it comes. I’m going to try to have as much fun and activity as physically possible this summer just to keep myself busy.

As always, thank you all for your support, well wishes, comments, etc. All the support I receive, even if it is online, is incredibly helpful to my self-esteem and emotional mindset! Wishing you all well!