Today I just feel stupid.

I am on CD 32 of my current cycle. 18 days past my positive ovulation test. I’ve had 2 BFNs, and AF is no where to be seen.

This was a medicated cycle with 100 mg Clomid and was cancelled on CD 12 due to no mature follicles. I wasn’t responding to the Clomid appropriately.

I know so many of you have cycles longer than 32 days and I shouldn’t be complaining. I just feel so broken. When I’m not on medicated cycles, I can ovulate. When I am on medicated cycles, who knows what the heck happens.

I feel like maybe I should call my RE and ask if this is typical and if there is anything I should do? Then I feel stupid even considering calling because I know that some women have MUCH longer cycles than this and are probably just told to wait it out. Ultimately I feel like my body has let me down again.

I was supposed to be doing a baseline ultrasound and blood work by now. I was supposed to be starting Femara by now. I was supposed to be getting another chance by now. I’m just bummed. So, incredibly bummed.

With the upcoming holiday this weekend, it’s not helping me feel like anything less than a failure.

Thanks for reading my vent session….if you made it this far.